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In one of the most anticipated matches of the Bundesliga on Friday night as we would prepare to see a battle between two of the top sides in German football this season, ready to clash horns and undergo battle As Dortmund and Hoffenheim meet on Friday under the lights at signal Iduna Park. Dortmund got back on track last weekend in Berlin after the horror of their collapse against newly promoted side Brenmen. Although it was just a narrow 1–0 victory against Hertha Berlin, a team that beat them last season, their performance was impressive as they were more or less in control throughout, getting the points that they deserved. On the other hand, Hoffenheim has kept up their hot start to the season. With three consecutive victories on the bounce after their opening day defeat to Gladbach. As Christopher Baumgarner has led the way this season into a very under-the-radar and well-put-together Hoffenheim that could reach Champions League aspirations this season. On one side, you have a Dortmund team that has struggled but has managed to pick up points against a Hoffenheim side sizzling in form. A true test for both sides exploring the legitimacy of their beginning stages of the season. Both top sides but how good are they? Those are the questions that we’re going to be explored as we approached kickoff in Dortmund. The last time Dortmund were here, they were humiliated concede three late goals with a two-goal lead in a matter of 3 minutes. The fans and the stands, all 80,000 of them at ease and hoping for redemption for what they witnessed two weeks ago. It is important for Dortmund to build on the result last week in hopes of making the fans all but forget The collapse with a great opportunity against a top side to show what they are made of. Things got underway at signal Laguna Park in Dortmund with a sea of yellow throughout to kick off the Bundesliga weekend.

Hoffenheim and Dortmund took center stage as the events unfolded. With a lot of optimism surrounding both sides, We expected it to be somewhat end-to-end. That’s exactly what we got. Both teams respectively have a good chunk of the ball getting into effective spaces and ultimately looking to get that edge. Both teams have started extremely well in the new campaign, but Dortmund has only really played at their best on one occasion this season. As Hoffenheim have been sizzling the majority of the campaign so far. Very similar points, but the performances have not exactly been down the middle. The impact of the atmosphere certainly helped Dortmund and a lot of senses, but Hoffenheim wasn’t really fazed by it at first. It is not a place they particularly like to go but the quality they have is there and they showed that in the early portions of the game. Hoffenheim manages to win an early corner as Dennis Grieger whips in the delivery. Kabak gets his head on the end of it but can’t quite fine the touch. Hoffenheim pressured with an early chance, then Dortmund hit right back less than a minute later. Dortmund get themselves a corner as Marius Wolf hits from outside the box, only for Oliver Baumann to get his hands on it. The intensity only grew as the minutes went by. Both teams had stretches where they looked immaculate, but there was no consistency in regards to which team was having the superior performance. The attacking prowess of both teams forced the defensive capabilities to be sharp. Eventually, there would be a breakthrough. In the 16th minute, has, Dortmund pushed the ball came towards Julian Brandt. He taps the ball with his toe setting it towards Jude Bellingham and Marco Reus. Jude Bellingham was in an offside position as he tried to strike the ball but makes no contact. Ultimately falling towards Marco Reus just behind, following through past Oliver Baumann into the top corner as Dortmund took the lead. Both teams were playing at a high level so early in the game, but the individual brilliance of Dortmund got themselves in front. Hoffenheim glimmering for offsides, but ultimately, the goal was given as he comeback kings would have to play from behind. The last time Hoffenheim had to play from behind was against Bochum. They were down by two goals after 12 minutes before being level at halftime and winning it at the end. I wouldn’t say Hoffenheim like being in this position, but they’re certainly comfortable at with it. 21 points from losing positions last season Hoffenheim still felt fairly confident that they could get themselves back into it. However, immediately after the goal, Dortmund gained somewhat control as Hoffenheim was pushed back. They have the defensive ability to handle it, but Dortmund put themselves in dangerous positions and felt a sense of confidence growing as the minutes ticked on. Anthony Modest from close hit through a cross coming from the left flank, but too much power spun onto it. Then Dortmund youngster Byron Gittens on the counter mismanaged his opportunity as the attempt on goal hooked to the left. Dortmund, for large stretches of time after they scored their goal, pushed Hoffenheim back into their own box. It is certainly something they dealt with well, but still, the momentum was with Dortmund, and obviously, with the crowd behind them, they felt energized. Hoffenheim needed to find a way to get to the break at the narrows. Dortmund’s best chance to score probably was going to come late at the end of the first half. They had all the momentum and confidence. The problem is of Dortmund goes into the break withholding just a narrow deficit. It will allow Hoffenheim to get reorganized and take the game back. The breakthrough could have nearly come considering how aggressively they attacked. Reus fired wide coming off a headed pass then Julian Brandt found space, but it was closing down quickly as he was forced to strike at a difficult angle unable to find the target. The first half was winding down, but Dortmund kept pushing and product for another. Marco Reus connected on a strike from just inside the box coming. Very close after being put through by Jude Bellingham. Lending the closing moments, Jude Bellingham was denied from close by Oliver Baumann then in the last couple ticks of the first half. Matt Hummels couldn’t direct a header into the near post as Dortmund take a narrow lead with all the momentum in their corner. At least for the moment, Dortmund’s roll the Royce is the difference.

It was a very interesting first half a play. Once Dortmund got their goal, their confidence grew, and they became in total control. Dominating the majority of the first half. However, Hoffenheim wasn’t making it easy on them and with the break would have an opportunity to adjust their performance and get some momentum back. Unfortunately for Dortmund Byron Gittens had to be replaced due to an injury as Hazard replaces him. Hoffenheim made three changes as the coach did not like how the game was evolving in Dortmund’s favor. Sebastian Rudy, Pavel Kaderabek, and Muhammad Dumur come in for hoffenheim. One of the names replaced was Christopher Baumgarner. Didn’t have the best first half, but it was a bold choice to make. Considering the circumstances of the game. I don’t disagree with André Breitenreiter Very often, but I thought taking out arguably the best player of the league this season was a bit strange. However, Hoffenheim certainly needed an insurgent of energy. However, it seemed to have worked. Immediately to start. The second half Hoffenheim looks sharp. They’re looking for control. They put Dortmund on the back end constantly and had a hot start to the second half. Georgina Reuter Just minutes into the second half a strike from close after hitting a deflection struck it again Kobel manages to collect in the bottom corner but a rapid start as Hoffenheim to start the second half wasn’t playing games. The youngster was at it again shortly after cuts outside before hitting a stinger, coming very close as the ball rises at the last second. Hoffenheim felt alive and looked like the much stronger team at least at the start of the second half shortly after there was a scuffle as three players were booked displaying the physicality and dismay between them. While battling for the ball. Marco Reus clashed with Sebastian Rudy near the corner flag. The Dortmund captain, following the exchange in which hands were all over each other, throws Sebastian Rudy into the bleachers as outrage explode.s Vogt pushes Reus as Bellingham got involved. All three were booked. andrej kramaric was then denied from close, coming very close to the equalizer they were searching for. Hoffenheim or dominating the second half, and they continued to get closer and closer and closer to a breakthrough. Hoffenheim won free kick not long after. Andrej kramaric sent the ball over the wall, coming very close as it landed on the top of the net. Hoffenheim was out doing doorman in every capacity in that second half. It was almost the polar opposite of what we saw in the first. After being outclassed for much of the second half, Dortmund got their Moxie back a little bit. With three quickfire chances. Oliver Baumann denies hazard and Modest, and then Jude Bellingham connects on a well-hit ball coming from across that. Just narrowly misses.Oliver Baumann keeps his team alive with two important saves. Hoffenheim then brings in Dubbur Dortmund and introduces Giovanni Reyna and Sule as the black and yellow of Dortmund looking to hold off a valiant second half from Hoffenheim. They tugged and pushed for an equalizer that never came for Hoffenheim. Despite putting together a very encouraging and promising performance, The referee blew the whistle as Dortmund collector points. Thanks to a first-half goal. From Marco Reus a vicious physical battle between two of the best teams in Germany, but Dortmund ultimately does get redemption from their collapse. They suffered at home two weeks ago as they return home against a very strong team and got a narrow result.

We saw a pretentious affair tonight in Dortmund. As they’re able to build on the momentum that they showed in Berlin last weekend, trying to distance the memory of the collapse as they get a massive three points against an incredibly tough Hoffenheim side that is going to be pushing for the European spots this season. Only one goal in it, but it was tense and energetic showing the nature of a Bundesliga rivalry. While they may not be direct rivals, The last couple of games they have faced have been extremely dramatic as somewhat dismay for one another has been established. A very physical type of game with both players. Flirting with the line between physical football and dirty play. The way the season has started for both of them really went into it. Both seem to have a level of mutual respect for one another even though they do not like each other. This was clear considering the number of dirty actions and the number of cards coming out of the referee’s pocket. The intensity was partly built by their dismay for one another. However, the understanding that both Dortmund and Hoffenheim have started extremely hot this season. Only unravel itself within the match. Neither team leaves this moment with uncertainty. These are topsides that will be looking to finish very high in the table this season. With the uncertainty of Leverkusen and RB Leipzig following slow starts to the campaign, Hoffenheim backs themselves as a potential surprising candidate for the Champions League this season. Dortmund’s Rolls-Royce Marco Reus stung Hoffenheim with a brilliant strike following a spectacular first touch by Julian Brant that said everything up. Dortmund showed real quality with the way they had somewhat control of the first half. Really pushing into the Hoffenheim defense fairly often. However, they were not going up against pushovers. Hoffenheim defensively did work on Dortmund, and outside of the brilliant opening goal, they couldn’t do much about it.Oliver Baumann stepped up to the plate and made some crucial saves in important moments. It did seem that Dormund will really push the envelope in the first time; however, in the late portions of the first half and the majority of the second half Hoffenheim showed their qualities, justifying why they started the season so hot. Promel dictated in the midfield along with the attacking options up top with andrej kramaric and Gorigno Rutter. However, Dortmund, defensively in their own right, did a fantastic job of keeping them at a distance despite Hoffenheim pushing extremely hard and showing their toughness and death and quality with the way they got into attacking positions. Dortmund did manage to find a way through Marco Reus and Jude Bellingham who was an absolute magician in midfield. While he may not be quiet at the level of Jamal Musiala and Florian Wirtz, He is an extreme talent and very well could make a big move in the coming years. It will be a great thing for him to stay in the Bundesliga for a few more seasons, but with Liverpool hovering, he may get his way back to the Premier League before we know that he truly deserves. Dortmund won a true battle against a true adversary in Hoffenheim. Hoffenheim may not have gotten the points. They’ve still started incredibly well in the new season and are one to watch. The depth they have from top to bottom is what they can bring up. The bench is spectacular. We all know the big names that they bring to the table but you look at the other moving parts in this team such as Sebastian. Rudy Grieger, Jacob Bruno Larson, Promel Angelino, and many other legitimate qualities in the midfield and defensive positions that may not get the love from a collective in the league. This is well put together well balanced, and among the teams outside of the ones with huge budgets, this might be one of The most well-put-together teams in the league. They may have a superstar in Christopher Baumgarner, but they play as one. They play the team together. Their identity isn’t through a particular that is what makes teams like Hoffenheim and Freiburg such a problem. Will bounce back and show who they are because they have quality throughout. Meanwhile, Dortmund was put at ease with the victory, somewhat getting redemption from the collapse the home fan saw not long ago. This was a clash between two top sides. Both themes performed at a high level, but in the end, Dortmund gets the last laugh and what was a brilliant start to the Bundesliga that weekend

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